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Getting ipad to show full page of PDF

Started by Drums_luv_it, March 05, 2014, 01:04:42 PM

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I have PDF documents attached to songs and I want to use a foot switch to view them/change to next one etc.

However my PDFs (portrait) are all slightly chopped off at the bottom.

I want page 1 of the PDF to take up the full screen and so when I click the foot switch it goes to the full screen of page 2 etc.

As I said, at the moment each page is slightly cutoff at the bottom. I think this is because the app stretches the PDF to its maximum width. But really I'm looking for it to stretch to maximum height of each page.

I hope that makes sense and that someone has an answer.

Forscore allows me to flick from PDF page to page


Are your PDF pages a standard Letter or A4 size, and is that same size selected in Settings > General Settings > Document size? If you email me one of your PDFs, I can check it for you.

Forscore allows me to flick from PDF page to page

In Set List Maker the up/down swipe gesture scrolls through the pages without regard for page breaks. If you want to move from one complete page to another, you can tap the top or bottom third of a document.


Thank you so much!

I just had to change it to A4 :)