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Auto scroll and go to next song

Started by Shane, March 07, 2014, 02:28:10 PM

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Hi all,

I'm fairly new and have been getting more in depth with my knowledge.  Here is my scenario...

I have a two hour "show" set up.  All the songs have a pdf attached and tempo marking.  A few songs segue together, most do not.  I have one song that auto scrolls the pdf (3 pages) and the timing works out well.  The only songs I have entered durations for are the ones I want to segue and automatically advance when the time runs out, which they do  (including the one set to autoscroll).

Problem:  Even the songs that do not have durations entered will advance at a certain time.  All the defaults are set to zero in both song, show, general settings...yet they still jump.  I have the automation advance settings to Manual as I don't have recordings associated with performance linked.  Am I missing a setting or is there an issue with the one song set to auto scroll?  Is it all or nothing?

Any thoughts are appreciated.


I assume you're using the Settings > Automation > Song Completion Actions > Select Next Song setting, with Triggered By set to Duration?

I just tested that and songs with durations advanced to the next song, while songs without durations did not. Can you send me a message from Settings > General Settings > Troubleshooting > Request Tech Support and include an example of a song that advances but shouldn't?


Thanks for the super fast response, Arlo!

Correct, those are the settings I have for song advancement.  Sending Tech message shortly.


I think what's happening is that when you select a song, that starts a countdown timer for when the "next song" action is triggered, but if you then select a different song manually before the duration runs out, that timer is still running. I can fix that in the next version. Meanwhile, you should be fine in a performance, if you let each song run for its full duration. If you need a workaround, closing and reopening the Perform window should reset any running timer.