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Anyone else finding `automation to (null)' command(s) in their automation track?

Started by Pongo, April 17, 2014, 11:55:50 AM

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Setup- iPad Mini, running ios 7.1, iRig MIDI, Apple lightning to 30 pin adapter, for sending midi to a TC Helicon Voicelive2

First, I'd like to publicly thank Arlo for his valuable time in helping me troubleshoot my midi automation `mess'. He has more important tasks before him and I truly appreciate his help!

MIDI data disappears, for reasons unknown, and I have now encountered another strange issue...entire automation being deleted.

I had previously recorded (and adjusted, per the timing window) several midi program change commands for a backing track. When adding a second layer of automation, to now manually scroll/move my document, the automation record icon would abruptly change from flashing yellow, to solid essence, turning itself off. When navigating to the perform tab, I find that the entire automation track has been deleted. Clicking on the [now gray] automation icon in the perform tab, gives me one option...record. It wasn't until I view the rollback data in the sync database section that I find two `automation to (null)' commands. Deleting these entries from the rollback screen, unfortunately, did not recover my previously recorded midi automation. Thankfully, re-syncing the database (that I was smart enough to save, prior to recording the second layer of automation) DID restore the midi automation.

So, I'm just wondering if anyone else has encountered a similar issue with automation.



Today, more of the same, unfortunately.

I really hope that someone can relate to this, to confirm that it is a bug.


Did a clean install of ios 7.1.1 (not an update from 7.1) thinking this could be an ios issue, luck. Still more automation errors.

For now, the workaround is to record all automation (sending MIDI program changes and manually scrolling an attached document) in one pass. It's clumsy, but it seems to be working and doesn't create the automation to (null) least for now.

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