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Recall patches on Yamaha Motif XF via SLM

Started by DschoKeys, May 21, 2014, 01:53:15 AM

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Dear all,

I recently made a list containing all

- Bank Select (MSB/LSB)
- Program Change
- Sysex
- SystemCommon

commands to recall all patches (Voices/Performances/Songs/Patterns/Masters) on a Yamaha Motif XF via external MIDI devices/apps, such as Setlist Maker.

Here are the links to the list (.txt and .pdf):

Settings in Setlist Maker:

SysEx and System Common messages have to be put into the field "Raw MIDI (hex code)".

MIDI Preset Order should be configured to send raw MIDI first.

Make shure to use the "With Delay between" option when you want to changes modes via SysEx. After changing modes (SysEx), the Motif XF needs some time until it can receive the next message (MSB/LSB/PC, SysEx or System Common) for selecting the right patch.

All the best,  :)




You're welcome!

BTW: Motif XS users can use this list, too. Then, the fifth byte of all SysEx messages has to be changed from 12 to 03.

All the best,  :)