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Sync not working

Started by lepplin, May 16, 2014, 11:49:59 AM

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Hello.  I have a database I would like to sync with my band mate.  She just purchased the app along with the sync option.  We put in my Sync name and password on her iPad and press Sync Now.  It goes through without error, however, the data does not appear.

I thought I would try a test.  I created a new database on my iPad.  I made sure it was empty.  I went to Settings -> Database Sync and entered the same name and password.  I press Sync Now and it goes through without error, however, I had the same problem.  The shows and songs are not there.

Can anyone offer help?


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The second device must already have the same recordings, songs and documents, as syncing does not transfer those to the server.

Could that be the problem?


Thank you for the replies.  I tried trouble shooting without any luck.  Shouldn't the songs and shows still sync, just not have the documents?  Should I be able to sync multiple databases on the same device?


Yes, the songs and shows will still sync even if the documents aren't installed. And yes, you can sync multiple databases on the same device.

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Thanks Arlo.  I sent the troubleshoot message.  I'm wondering if I'm just misunderstanding what Sync is doing.  Does it not update a new database with new songs from the other database?  To put it another way...  Can I create a new song on my iPad and have it appear for someone else on their iPad?


Yes, the database sync feature will copy your songs and shows between multiple devices. You had a couple problems with your setup, which I sent in a reply to your help request email.


The resets (done properly this time) did the trick.  Thank you Arlo!