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All recordings are playing sequentially in song

Started by mspain, May 25, 2014, 10:05:38 PM

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I have a recording in one song that I have been using successfully. I use the recording as the intro to the song and it plays just once after pressing the "play recording" button. I recently added another recording in the database and added it to a separate song. Now when either song is called and the play recording button pressed, both recordings play sequentially (one after the other) and continue to cycle & play even though the song only has the one recording selected. Is this expected behavior and/or something I can prevent? I only want the recording I choose in the song to play one time and nothing else.


Are you using the main window or the Perform window? In the main window, all the recordings in a show will play in sequence. In the Perform window, the playback will stop after the current recording.