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Next Screen or Document Hide

Started by timtrace, December 20, 2013, 11:37:02 AM

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New SLM user here.  LOVE it.  Thank you for a great app!

I would appreciate a remote control action which does, "Next Screen or Document Hide."

Then, I can use automation to open the lyrics when I tap a song, and a single footswitch will step through the pages of a song.........and then, when the last page is displayed, the next click will hide the document and return to the set list.

Any hope?


That could happen -- I'll look into it in more detail for the next update. Meanwhile, if you have an extra foot switch, you can use the existing Document Show/Hide action to hide the document if you know you're on the last page.



This can be easily done with a foot switch that has at least two pedals.
They are pretty cheap, if cable is ok for you. About 20-30 bucks.
You need a camera connection kit.

If you like wireless you can try the BlueBoard from IkMultimedia about 100 usd.
Works pretty good for me.

Or go for a bluetooth pedal like pageflip or BT-105, but with less flexibility than those above.


In version 4.0, the list of remote control actions will include "Next Screen or Document Close" and "Next Page or Document Close" actions, which you can use to scroll through a full-screen document and then close it when you read the end. The close action will have no effect on documents that are not full-screen.