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MIDI Song Select & sending MIDI PRESETS (Default position)

Started by GuyM, April 16, 2014, 05:40:42 AM

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Working 0n this now..and sure selecting a song to perform automatically sends out a MIDI PRESET set of messages! :)

However, I noticed that where I am playing a song with 5 PRESETS assigned...when I select that song will send out the MIDI PRESET of the "last chosen"

i.e. If I had been rehearsing Song 2 Middle section bit and so had selected MIDI PRESET 4 (Middle Section sounds)...then gone onto rehearse Song 3..the patches change in accordance with the MIDI Preset for Song 3 at start ...BUT returning to SONG 2 again, it now automatically sends out PRESET 4 again (i.e. the one I had last selected)

For this function...i.e. send MIDI PRESET when song selected should it not RESET itself to that of the first Preset in the PRESETS list as the Song Starter position?? (or have an option to do so?)

If it can be do I configure this to happen?

Otherwise I have to remember to revisit each song I have rehearsed and manually SELECT the 1st MIDI PRESET for each one again so they are in the correct Start status for when I come to do the show



That's correct, if you select one of multiple MIDI presets attached to a song, then that preset becomes the temporary default for that song and will be selected again if you select the song again. I could change that in the next update so that reselecting a song reverts back to the original default item. In the meantime, closing and reopening the Perform window will revert all the songs to their default items.


Well as I said,. if that is not popular with everyone, then a configurable option to force the default to 1st PRESET in list upon SONG SELECT would be good and I think logical

Arlo, good to know of the work round though...come out of PERFORM mode and then  go back in ..
Got my FCB1010 working too with SLM now ...2 one tap pedals for NEXT/PREV SONG and 2 for NEXT/PREV MIDI PRESET.


In the new version 4.0, if you select a song again, it will revert back to the first MIDI preset (and document and recording) being the default for that song.