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This Actually Works

Started by fleahead, January 29, 2014, 06:59:07 AM

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Jim in Ohio


Good Lord Flea, I think I got vertigo just looking at your set up.  How do you view your lyrics when iPad is docked in your Alesis I/O dock on your master & slaved iPads?  I can't imagine it's on a music stand or mic pole while performing?  I have the I/O dock but haven't used it with SLM yet for that reason...  I simply want to midi trigger my Alesis SR-16 when I go to the next song for SLM.  I don't know what I need as an interface (other than the bulky I/O dock).  I guess I'm a jouster in a light saber world... (I.e. technology challenged!)


Yes, we have the IO Docks on music stands. Since we both sit on tall stools while playing, they don't have to be real high to see the lyrics. They have to be close enough though, to reach easily to start the tunes, but that's the beauty of this arrangement and SetListMaker. It's truly one touch. I tap the song in SLM and that's all. The system automatically sets my guitar patch, my vocal patch, starts playing the backing track, displays and scrolls the lyrics for both of our iPads. And now, with automation recording, it changes mid- tune settings as needed. For instance, in the Creedance song Suzie Q, where the vocal effect switches to a megaphone effect, SLM sends a control signal to my vocal processor for that patch, then changes it back after it's done. Really slick. I'm so lazy now, I don't even have to use foot switches. My partner is soon getting a guitar synth like mine, and he will also be tied into the system for patch control as well. I still have two unused ports on the midi thru box, and I just set him up in SLM on another midi channel. This is a gadget junkies dream come true!

You can kinda see the setup here....
Jim in Ohio


Wow, that's a lot going on!  I haven't even figured out how to trigger my drum machine yet.  Manually dialing in the patch & tempo between songs sucks.  I'm going to try it out of my Alesis I/O dock before trying iRig or Line 6 (although the reviews aren't great).  I don't use backing tracks for solo or duo, but am tempted to give it a shot on a small scale.  I'll need to get busy with garage band I guess.  I really need a surrogate techie because all of this is beyond me!

Ha, I blame all my angst on Arlo for this awesome app.  I just wanted to "digitize" my 3-ring binders of songs... Little did I know what else SLM could do.


If you want any guidance, I'd be happy to help get you in the right direction. Feel free to contact me.  I've made all our tracks in GarageBand.
Jim in Ohio


Our setup looks quite alike. we are a 5 piece Rock band
We even use them (in Behringer istudios) for complete triggering of a dmx installation for stage lighting in real time.

And yes, the ipads are mounted on mic stands (Behringer does this nicely).
SLM is used for displaying text and doing all the MIDI triggering.
Looks complicated works fine.

Grüße Uwe