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Ending support for version 3.2 syncing

Started by arlo, June 06, 2014, 12:15:21 AM

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With app version 4.0 just around the corner, it's time to start winding down support for the old database sync system used before app version 3.3. If you are still running a version of Set List Maker older than 3.3, you will start to see your syncs fail with the error "We were not able to update your database from the sync server." This is a signal that you should update your app to the current version 3.4.5.

For best results, you should first update and sync from a device that is current with all your band data. Then you can update and sync the other devices in your band. If you don't wish to install the upcoming version 4.0 when it is released in late June, you should update to version 3.4.5 now, since that will no longer be available after 4.0 is released.

Please contact me if you want to get your devices in sync under the old system before beginning your updates.

If you haven't kept up with all the changes in version 3.3.x and 3.4.x, you can find a detailed history here:


Hi Arlo
Sorry if this is obvious, but how can see what version you have currently running?
Is there a Screen with it displayed?


Yes, in Set List Maker you can tap Settings > General Settings > Troubleshooting > Request Tech Support and an email message will appear with a bunch of app info, including the version number. Then you can cancel the message.

Or you can check the version of any app in the Settings app, in General > Usage > [app name].