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Show your custom song layouts

Started by arlo, June 28, 2014, 08:41:21 PM

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Version 4.0 adds the ability to customize the layout of the song info in the show view. If you've created your own layout, I'd love to see it. Post a screen shot here, along with some comments about why this setup works for you.


I prefer to perform lyrics from memory, but I do use my iPad for practicing and learning lyrics before a performance. This screen shot is basically the built-in Practice - Portrait layout, with a couple changes. I made the list text smaller and the left column narrower to make more room for lyrics; the smaller text is okay because I never have to read this from a distance. I also made a custom field called "Lyrics Readiness" and marked all my songs with a number 1-5. 1 means I haven't learned the lyrics at all yet and 5 means there's no risk of forgetting them. 4 means I know them pretty well but could use a review before the next gig. (I also have custom fields for Guitar Readiness and Band Readiness.)

So whenever I have some free time, I open the Songs by Lyrics Readiness smart list, scroll down to a section depending on whether I want to learn some new lyrics or review older lyrics, and then tap through a few songs. For me it's an efficient way to keep up with an aspect of practicing that would otherwise be easy to neglect.

Tinto Verano

 I'm a drummer with a sampler, and so I basically need a split view with a big metronome and a big midi icon on the right side.
The metronome shows the tempo of the song if you place the tempo info button upon the metronome button. Try out which size fits best to show all tempos, from 60 to 240 without truncating.
For triggering the sounds of my sampler I created midi presets and a custom field called "sampler" where I notate the bank and pad number of my sampler.
Then I place my custom field upon the midi button so that I save space.
And it even looks better than putting it next to each other!
I think this wasn't possible before version 4.0, so the new version is a great tool for everyone who likes trying out, playing around and tweaking to get the best personal layout.


I just use two layouts for rehearsing and perform.
Making my my own layouts is just perfect. Thanks Arlo!
Here they are:


On the stage I'm using a document only view, which allows me to display docs in max size, but still keeps a navigation bar on the left with a start/stop button for scrolling mode, multiple docs, Midi, Metronome, Audio wherever applicable. I've also placed a button to switch to songlist/split-view, which let me quick pick another song from the list, if the order of the songs changes (see second screenshot). On the right top corner I've placed the notice button. The task bar contains the 'other' field, which I'm using for keyboard settings, and beneath the Tine of the actual song. The right bottom corner displays the next song name and the 'other +1' which helps me to prepare my keyboard settings for the next song right in time (next big step is to send midi info to my keyboards, but I currently have some issues to switch between the modes of my keyboards).

The only thing I would much appreciate is the option to make annotations not only in the song view, bit at least in the practice view.


Here is mine

With the label shortcut buttons, hint hint