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Separate Outputs not working

Started by SharkDriver, July 02, 2014, 04:22:36 AM

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great product, like it very much!

This was one of the reasons I bought SLM:

"Send the audio from recordings, tempo clicks and starting pitches to separate outputs if an external audio interface is connected."

I use iPad Air and iPad mini retina, both 16GB with iOS 7.1.2. need this feature to separate Click from playback.

Tryed Line6 Sonic Port and Focusrite iTrac Solo. Both allow only selection of the connected device as output,
but headphone jack cannot be selected as additional output for click.

Am I missing something? Or do I need another audio interface?


Did you turn on Settings > Audio & MIDI > Audio Options > Multi-Route Output? Then what options do you see when you tap Recording Output and Tempo Output?


Yes, multiroute output is on. It only shows the interfaces name as the only available option. Like SonicPort.


I think that means that your audio interface just uses the default audio port and doesn't create a second port. I just checked my Roland Duo-Capture II and it is still appearing as a separate port in iOS 7 and Set List Maker 4, so this functionality is still available. I can't remember what the term for these kinds of interfaces is -- USB class compliant? -- but I remember having some trouble finding one that could do this. Maybe someone else can add some more suggestions about which hardware will work.


Ok, will give it a try... Thank you!


Well, got a Roland Duo Capture Mk 2 this Morning, but my iPad Air Pops up an Error Message: Duo Capture, connected device not supported.

Anyone been successfull in getting multiport output working with iPad Air?


Are you using a genuine Apple Camera Connection Kit? Most third party cables, adapters, etc., don't seem to work for anything related to audio or MIDI.


Also, some hardware will trigger the "not supported" message even though it still does work. Although when I connect my MK2 to my iPad 3, I don't get that message. The iPad Air has a lightning connector, but I don't think that would make a difference.


Yes, only genuine Apple CCK. Both my iPad Air and iPad Mini Retina do Not work. The USB light in the Roland Interface does not light. In addition, iPad Air shows said error message.

Next try will be Focusrite Scarlett 6i6. Hope, this will work...


FWIW I just tried my MK2 with an iPhone 5 (Lightning connector) via an Apple CCK and 30pin-Lightning adapter, and it worked fine. The USB light lit up and Set List Maker recognized the second output port.


Well, after playing with dip-switches on the back. Duocapture is now working as device, usb-light lit up.

BUT: Still, I can only select DUO-CAPTURE as the only available output port...

Made a short video to demonstrate this, you can download it here:

So, how can I select the second output-port?


I didn't even notice the switches on the bottom. Mine has a switch for "Tab" (tablet) or "Computer" so I guess that needs to be set to "Tab."

I can't tell from your video, but do you have anything connected to the headphone jack? I think you would need to do that to use the headphone port as a separate output.


Thank you! I never knew that you must have the headphone-out connected to see this port. Works now. it even works with Line6 SonicPort.


Quote from: SharkDriver on July 08, 2014, 03:13:08 AM
Thank you! I never knew that you must have the headphone-out connected to see this port. Works now. it even works with Line6 SonicPort.

That is a weird gotcha ... my iPad 3 doesn't require it, but I noticed that when I was testing on my iPhone 5. I'm not sure if it's related to the Lightning connector, or just certain devices.


Hi, have to revive this topic...

I am trying now to use a Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 audio interface.
I need to play two sperarate stereo backing tracks at once, which should be possible with Setlistmaker.

But, I can not select the separate outs of the Scarlett. Only shows "Scarlett 6i6 USB" as the only selectable option.
This is the first two outs of Scarlett.
Auria and Cubasis are able to use the Scarlett's separate outputs on my iPad Air Retina, iOS 8.2.
So, it must be class compliant?

As an alternative way: Is it possible to control Auria or Cubasis by midi from Setlistmaker? if so, how?