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The START frame (in Shows) adds untitled song to database: possible bug?

Started by DarthMarklar, July 04, 2014, 02:12:50 PM

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Hi Arlo, sorry you've been getting such negative reviews. I like the new functions in the update, but there have definitely been some issues. I think I may have found some sort of bug that you might want to be aware of.

Whenever I view a gig Setlist and that "Start" title song appears, the program adds a blank song into my database. You can't see these blank songs when you look in the "Songs" area, but you can see the count increasing. You can see the blank songs in the Smart List section. I have to keep going in there, clicking each blank song, hitting EDIT and then delete it.

If there's a way to get rid of that Start frame (for now) so it doesn't add that blank song, that would be great. I'm not sure if I found out if that's possible.

Thanks again for the awesome app. I know you're working out the issues and we definitely appreciate it.



*** UPDATE ***

Just to help with the troubleshooting; I am really thinking this has to do with that "Start" frame because when I change the setlist layout to "LIST" (which doesn't use a Start frame), there are no blank songs added to the database.

Again, it's only when a setlist layout is chosen, which utilizes the Start frame, when the blank songs are added to the database.

And as I mentioned before, since they don't appear in the "Songs" menu, you have to enter a setlist mode to delete them, which then adds more blank songs, so it's and endless loop.

Please let us know if there is a fix to this or if it's a bug that you're working on. Thanks again.


I'm pretty sure the blank songs are not caused by the empty initial screen when you view a show. This problem has been popping up for over a year, long before the new version 4 redesign. But whenever I sit down to try to fix it, it stops happening. It's more likely to be related to editing a show, or syncing your database. But I'll check it again and see if it's related to viewing a show, as you suggest.

Can you send me a message from Help > Request Tech Support in the app so I can see your setup?


Thanks for the reply. I didn't realize this was a problem before.  I'll send the message to you.

I only assumed it had to do with the start frame because it doesn't add the blank song when I view the Setlist in List mode (i.e. Without the use of a start frame)


Well, I checked this and you are absolutely right. Viewing the start page of a show was erroneously trying to save the font size for the notes viewer. Since the notes viewer wasn't loaded yet, that was saving a song record containing only a value for the notes font size.

Notes weren't resizable in previous versions, so the blank songs added in previous versions had a different cause ... but maybe I fixed those and this is the only thing doing this now. One can hope. This will be fixed in the next update, and I'll also add code to wipe out any existing empty songs (defined as songs without a title, which the app doesn't let you create).



Sweet! Thank you for looking into this. I am real excited about this app and all of its abilities. Glad to hear you got all of the issues straightened out.