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Copying songs

Started by GuyM, July 05, 2014, 06:47:33 AM

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Also hit another issue ...In SHOWS arranging my songs ...I picked a song in the set ...used EDIT....chose to Copy it (into this database) I could get a 'clone' song with a few extra tweaks in...but again it will not save...the "revert" option is not highlighted after I have added the additional text etc and I cannot save it off ???


OK worked that last one IS creating a song copy but NOT adding it the currently viewed SET so that it does not appear to be in list..come back out and look in under SONGS and the copy is .maybe an option on copy to "add to current SET LIST?" as well and get it to refresh so you see the new copied song in the set list you are working on??


It doesn't seem intuitive to me that when copying a song, you would want it automatically added to a show. I think it's better that you have to add it explicitly after creating the song. You most likely would want to choose the new song's position in the show, so you'd have to edit the show anyway.


I agree, that is why I suggested an option to add it in (at time of copy)...which would be better than automatically adding it depends on how you use the app I guess....does not seem efficient to me to want to copy a song in the current set list (e.g. if I have too many lyrics or notes and want to split it out into a  Pt 1 and Pt II) to copy the song...then have to go back out of this again to be able to see it and then edit in the songs list, add it into the set list and then come back in again to tweak/edit in context and carry on...

the thing is...there is nothing to tell you that the song HAS been copied and is in the SONGS list...I tried it 3 times before I gave up and backed out only to find 3 copies in the SONG list!


I don't think it's a common use case to duplicate a song because it has long lyrics or notes. I would recommend using some of the scrolling or paging or display options to view the lyrics and notes rather than maintaining separate song records.

In any case, when you tap the Copy button, you should see the song title change to have "copy" at the end of it, and then you can change the song title ... that's the indication that you are now editing the new copy of the song.


Ok as I said it depends on the is quite versatile :)

I agree about the "COPY of.." being visble but as I said,  the copy is put into the database SONG list rather than appearing instantly in the SET list I am currently working (hence requst for optiion)...not a major hassle admittedly (knowing this is the limitation) but somewhat time wasting for me going back in/out of the set to add the song to the set and then go back (as I said).

You have created a nice workflow to allow us to jump and directly go into EDIT on a song whilst working on the SET content (this idea was just an extension of that functionality so that a COPY created in that EDIT process could appear along side their peers (if needed to) in the current SET being worked on

I have to play some very long 18 to 25 minute complex pieces...some parts of which have a lot of notes / lyrics to help me out...other bits are purely instrumental (so no lyrics) ..none of which easilly translates into a calculatable natural automated scroll (by duration etc.) - plus there are a lot of associated patch changes / midi presets across all keyboards throughout the pieces as the timbres change frequently on different keyboards

I have lots of pedals (control, sustain, rotor on/off) for each of the 3 keyboards down under there too and so wanted to avoid using mdii controllers where ever possible to move things along

Sometimes it is easy to take a break and move from one 'section' to another...sometimes it is what I have done is split these pieces up and tried to find natutral breaks...but not always easy...

Sometimes I find that there is just too much to annotate in ONE song..and so I have then decided to split that SONG into 2 this was easy...create a copy of the song and then edit each one down to its natural size/content...hence my request...hope that explains the WHY...better...  ;D


Okay, I will put this on my wish list, but remember that if we add an option to add the song to the show, that will create an extra decision and an extra click that will confuse and/or annoy users who do not need this feature. :-) So I would probably only do this if several other people requested it.


Well you could add a configuration option "Automatically Add copied songs to current set list?"


I would still want to hear this request from more users before adding it.