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Multiple MIDI buttons not appearing

Started by DarthMarklar, July 06, 2014, 10:37:10 AM

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Hello Arlo, I just sent you a detailed message, through the app, explaining the above problem.

I also ended up with a brand new problem, that just started with the newest 4.0.2 update.

Whenever I view a performance and there is a song that has more than one MIDI Preset attached, the presets will not display, even with Multiple MIDI Buttons turned on.

If the song has only one MIDI preset, it displays fine, but again, any song that has more than 1 preset, not only will nothing show, but no presets are even sent.

The blank songs issue was manageable, but this MIDI Issue actually renders the app unusable for me at this time, so this is something I hope gets resolved more quickly than the blank song issue.

Thanks again. I appreciate it.


Uh oh...

If this truly is a bug in 4.0.2, it's a game changer for me as well.

Good thing I read your post before racing to the App Store, as I had planned, to d/l 4.0.2


Since this is a separate, unrelated issue, I split it into a new thread. Please send a message from Help > Request Tech Support in the app and specify the steps leading up to the problem, so I can see what part of the app you're looking at. A screen shot would also be helpful since there are several different ways to show the MIDI buttons.


Ok, I have some screen shots.

The first pic shows how i have the song "Any way you want it" with two different MIDI Presets attached to the song. I use these two presets to switch  between a synth and organ sound during the song.

The next pic is from the Birthday song where I only use one MIDI Preset

The 3rd pic shows that when I display the list in performance mode, see how the MIDI Preset is listed under the song title as well as popping up when you click the MIDI button?

But look at the 4th pic. No MIDI Presets are displayed. In the previous revision (just the other day) it would show both MIDI Presets in this listing. Then I could switch back and forth between the two.

Like I was saying, this issue only occurs when a song has more than 1 MIDI Preset attached. It was working right up until this latest patch. I need to have this functionality back.

Do you need more info from me? Thanks.


Have you tried turning on the multiple documents button?

Arlo fixed the bug in V4.0 that was affecting the multiple MIDI button issues, with release 4.01:
Fixed a bug that prevented the Multiple MIDI Buttons from appearing in the set list unless Multiple Document Buttons was also enabled.

Hopefully, this get you the multiple MIDI buttons that you (and I) need while Arlo looks into this issue.


I didn't have multiple docs turned on, but I just tested it out and it didn't work.

Attached is a pic of my current settings. It had actually been working with the 4.0 release as well as the 4.01 release. It wasn't until the latest release that I started having the problem.

Is there another setting I should be looking at?


Yes this is a new bug I think..
It worked in 4.01 and I could see 4 MIDI Presets down the bottom of the document screen
For a Single MIDI PRESET the MIDI icon and Name appear but for multiple ones only one MIDI icon and NO names at all!

Arlo, can you please get this fixed asap as I rely on it heavilly (See my other mail!)



I realize that you're very busy, but have you been able to determine if this truly is a bug with V4.0.2?



Yes, this is a bug in version 4.0.2. Songs with more than one MIDI preset attached to not display or send their presets correctly. This will be fixed in version 4.0.3, which I'll submit to Apple within the next few hours. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Great Arlo! thanks for jumping onto this so quickly!

Did you also manage to solve the "MIDI learn function not tripping the Amend function to allow save"? issue?


Yes, that will also be in the next update.



That is great to hear Arlo. Thanks for working on this. I was really hoping to test out my Blueboard at this Thursday nights band practice and wouldn't have been able to use it if those MIDI Patches weren't displaying. Thanks agin!


Just to be clear, I have no midi being sent at all. If I go back to the MIDI Preset screen, then the midi presets are sent when I tap the icon, but nothing is being sent from any of the layout screens, even if I try to send it manually by tapping the midi icon in the layout. All of my songs require midi to be sent, so I'm dead in the water until this is resolved.
Jim in Ohio


Yes, for songs that have multiple presets attached, the app doesn't recognize any of the attached presets. Songs with a single preset aren't affected.

Here are the release notes for the next version: