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Apple Updates Turn Around Time Frame

Started by fleahead, July 08, 2014, 08:47:25 AM

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I read that you are planning on submitting a 4.0.3 update to Apple to fix the midi issue on the previous post. What is a reasonable wait time before Apple will release it after you submit it? I have a gig tomorrow night, and since with the midi issue, I'm out of commission, should I contemplate doing a restore?
Jim in Ohio


FWIW, it seems that the turn around time is anywhere between a couple of days and one week.

I suspect that Arlo will advise you to in fact restore your previous version.


The last few updates have been approved in about 48 hours, so that would put this at Thursday morning ... I submitted it at 6 am Pacific time this morning.

I would only advise rolling back to a previous version as a last resort, because that involves deleting your data and anything that involves deleting your data is inherently risky.

How many songs do you need for your gig and how many of those have multiple presets attached? One thing you could do is, let's say you have "My First Song" with "Preset A" and "Preset B" attached. You could create a new preset called "My First Song Presets" that links to "Preset A" and "Preset B", then attach that new preset to "My First Song" instead of "Preset A" and "Preset B". But this would be tedious if you have more than a few songs to rework.

If the update hasn't come through 24 hours from now, please email me directly for more ideas.