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Odd new addition request?

Started by GuyM, July 06, 2014, 11:55:20 PM

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Hi Arlo
This may seem an odd one, but wanted to know if it as possible to add an icon into the app to show when MIDI connectivity is working on/off
When using the iStudio or MIDI connection kit I have found that on a few occassions, the ipad to connection contact has slipped out of 'dock'
The upshot is that when I go to MIDI preset change, it does not work..until I push the iPad back in...the trick is to recognise that this is the propblem!
If it was easy to add in, a GREEN to RED MIDI ICON which indicates MIDI working or not...would be damn useful for me in spotting these events...if a bit tricky to add in then that is OK


+1 from me - this is not urgent, but would be definitely helpful. I am using live an Alesis IO Dock and an iConnect MIDI2 interface - and with both of them I had lost MIDI connections in the past, either because the iPAD was not put correctly into the docking station or the docking station had it's power cable not connected or simply the connector cable from the interface had slipped out of the iPad.


Version 4 includes a utility toolbar at the top right of your screen, with a MIDI button that is white when MIDI is turned on and gray when MIDI is turned off. (It also blinks when MIDI data is sent or received.) However, this mainly shows whether you have turned MIDI on or off. To detect whether your device has slipped out if its connector, I think the app would have to ask you what external device to check, then continuously poll to see if that device is still connected.