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Database Sync question

Started by Pongo, July 24, 2014, 09:22:28 AM

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Hi Arlo,

I finally updated SLM to 4.0.4 on both of my devices. I used the DB Sync feature on my primary device to upload the changes to your server. I now want to sync the same DB on my backup device, but I do not want to `upload' changes from that device, rather download the changes from my primary device to this device. When I navigate to Settings>Database Sync>Synchronization, it shows `Sync Now (upload 112 changes).

What is the procedure for doing that?

Thanks again,


You have 112 unsynced changes on your backup device. If you want to lose those changes and force your backup device to match your other device(s), you can tap Help > Troubleshooting > Reset Local Data on your backup device.

If you want to avoid making future changes on your backup device, you can enable Settings > Database Sync > Read Only on your backup device.



I just need to remember to switch off the Read Only option, if I want to edit any of my songs, since that option had me stumped...when I was attempting to edit a song.

Thank you.