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Problem with Song Duration

Started by bherman, July 09, 2014, 03:03:34 PM

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Following new version update, about 1/4 of our songs no longer show duration - I am sure that they were all in there as we spent alot of time on this to get our setlist timing in order. Any idea what happened, and what we can do (other than recalibrating and reentering the ones that are missing)?


Please send a message from Help > Request Tech Support and fill in the requested info. This should include a description of where in the app you are looking (the steps you took to get there), and the name of a song that exhibits the problem.


Think that I figured it out - duration was there, but text size needed editing. Two songs missing duration so it was not showing set duration.

There is a lot to absorb here - your newest video helped alot! Many of us are not techies and it takes us awhile to figure out how to do the editing....

Thanks for being so responsive