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How to edit a song on an iPhone (split screen N/A)?

Started by Pongo, July 14, 2014, 01:41:39 PM

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Hi Arlo,

I finally installed SLM 4.0.3 on my backup device (iPhone 3GS), just to get my feet wet, before installing it on my iPad (primary device).

Since the iPhone is not capable of split screen mode, how do we now edit songs on the iPhone, to attach a document or recording?

I have a few songs that have [somehow] lost their associated documents (document button is grayed out) and I can't figure out how to re-attach a document to a song (even after watching your videos, because they are all using split-screen).

With V3.x, one had to simply click the `>' next to the speaker icon to open up the edit window, but in 4.0.3,...what's the secret?



Just tap the song title.

I don't know where in the app you're looking when you see the grayed-out document icons, but that could mean the document is not installed on your device. If you edit the song and find the document name listed there, then that's the problem.


Thanks for the prompt reply Arlo.

Having used SLM 3 for a few months, I have a pretty good idea of how things are `supposed' to work, regarding documents that are grayed out.

Here's what I have encountered with one particular song:

In the document tab, the document title, along with the icon are grayed out. I can press and hold the icon and a dialog box appears showing the title. I select the title and the document appears, so it is most certainly still within SLM. When the document opens, there is only the `actions' button at the lower right of the screen, for Annotate, Email, Print, Open In (which doesn't show SLM, because it's already in SLM...somewhere).

Ok, back to my question:

Tapping the song title, in the songs menu, has no effect at all. Nothing happens. The video that you posted (`What's New in 4.0') shows you editing song information within the songs tab (~ 1:53 into the video), so...I'm a bit perplexed. It is possible that because the iPhone does not support split-screen mode, this method of editing song data is not possible???

For the example song that I mentioned, I only see a MIDI icon and a speaker icon. Each of those do what I would expect, but the document icon is, once again, grayed out.

At this point, I still don't see how I can add a document (that is in fact associated with SLM) to the song.



You can definitely edit your songs from an iPhone. Do you have Settings > Database Sync > Read Only turned on?


Yes sir. Since this iPhone is my backup device, that was the first thing I did before backing up my device (and apps) prior to upgrading SLM.

Turned off Read Only and...voila!

You are a genius.