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A-Z quick navigation bar in Perform mode

Started by Musicalbox23, July 16, 2014, 08:58:22 AM

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I used the old version of the app by:
A) Calling up the Songs page and scrolling through the list of songs on the left (often using the vertical alphabet column in the song list to quickly jump around the alphabet) until I found the song I wanted, then tap the Doc button to show lyrics.


B) Swipe left / right from within the open doc to flip through the songs.

In the new version I can't seem to swipe through documents / lyrics from within the Songs view. I can swipe if I create a Show (that I call "all songs") and all all my songs to that show, but then I can't get the quick-access, vertical A-Z list to display. If I'm in the B's section and I'm trying to find a song that is in the W's.... That's a lot of scrolling...

What am I missing? Is there a better way to do this?

Many thanks!


Try Smart Lists > Songs By Title. That will give you access to your complete song list, with the A-Z shortcuts, plus all the functionality and display options of the show view.


OK, that's a great solution. I never used those smart lists before. I'll have to filter out originals from covers, but those could be ins sperate databases. Well done. Thank you!


Depending on how you're already using color labels, you could apply a label to all the cover songs, and then you could glance over those more easily when viewing the Smart List.