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Stop Syncronization / Sharing Database

Started by GtrBuster, September 21, 2015, 08:45:20 PM

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I recently let someone go from my band and I no longer want him to be able receive further Syncronization updates from my database let alone access to my database.
Is this possible?


You could change the sync name and/or password. Everyone else will have to make the same change but the former member won't know the new settings


Bluumeenie is right, but to clarify, you need to ask me to change your sync name and/or password on the sync server. Just changing it in the app isn't enough. Please email me directly to tell me your current sync name and password and what you want them changed to.


Will do, That's what I thought, thanks Arlo.

It's might be a rare thing, but then again I'm probably not the only one who's thought about this or would benefit from it.   Perhaps it could be added into the UI, then your intervention wouldn't be necessary ... It's probably more deep rooted though correct?


It's on my wish list, but it's very easy for me to change manually if people ask. The syncing system in Set List Maker has other, bigger limitations, which is one reason I've been encouraging people to upgrade to BandHelper, which was designed from the start for syncing.