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Set List Field "MIDI Program Number"?

Started by Christoph, August 05, 2014, 01:45:58 PM

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When editing a custom layout there is also the switch for "MIDI Program Number". But it does not seem to display anything - at least not the program number of an associated MIDI presets. And what number is it supposed to display if more than one MIDI preset is associated? Or is this just a leftover from older versions of SLM when program changes had been stored directly in a SLM song? Or am I doing anything wrong?


This is the program number that you can set for a song for the purpose of selecting the song from a remote control device. This works similarly to selecting a song by MIDI song number, except MIDI song numbers are limited to 127 values, so this approach provides the capacity for more songs.

To clarify, this is unrelated to MIDI presets, which only involve outgoing MIDI messages.