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Document or [Perform Layout] error

Started by Pongo, August 07, 2014, 01:14:28 PM

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Hi Arlo,

Have you seen this kind or error previously?
(see attached).

While a document is Auto-Scrolling in the Perform Layout, there suddenly appears a white box over a section of the document. It looks as though it's something from the available menu options when editing the layout (like it's trying to add a second [smaller] document viewer over the existing one, while the existing one is auto-scrolling).



No, I've never seen that before. But I have seen parts of the document not render in low-memory situations ... I think that's what I'm seeing in the second photo with the black chunk missing in the lower-left corner.


Wow. I thought my iPad Mini would have enough horsepower to drive SLM, but...maybe not.

I suspect that zooming a PDF, combined with scrolling said document would be a big memory hog.



Indeed, zooming PDFs does use a lot of memory. Just displaying them uses quite a bit, but zooming uses even more. It's counterintuitive because you're showing less data when you zoom in, but I actually had to reduce the maximum allowed zoom size because some people were getting crashes after zooming in to extreme levels.