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Header contents in show view on small screens

Started by arlo, August 18, 2014, 04:52:38 PM

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What do you want to see in the header of the show view?

Current song title
4 (80%)
Edit button
5 (100%)
Utility toolbar
1 (20%)

Total Members Voted: 5


The header of the show view on an iPad includes the current song title, a shortcut button to edit the song, and the utility toolbar with database sync, device linking, MIDI and layout buttons.

On iPhones and iPod touches, there's not enough room to show all of this, so currently there is no edit button. I could leave out something else instead. What is your preference? Please select two from the list.


As of version 4.1, the Edit button is now included in the bottom toolbar, and you can control which buttons appear in the top toolbar in Settings > Appearance > Utility Buttons In Top Toolbar.