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Delete a batch of songs

Started by micwax, August 20, 2014, 06:23:35 PM

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I've messed up my songs list when batch importing songs. Is there a way to delete all the songs without having to erase them one by one?



Unfortunately there is no way to batch-delete songs. You'll have to do it one by one.


In case you've considered putting it on your wish list, I believe a batch delete would be useful for Songs, Shows, or Midi presets.   When working with a new band, I'll typically copy an entire database (thus copying some songs to be reused, as well as the settings and custom fields), then delete the shows, songs, and midi presents that I don't need for that project.  It can be a chore, but still simpler than recreating my preferred settings and fields.


Gotcha. This is on my to do list for the BandHelper web interface (which is more flexible than the interfaces on mobile devices), but that wouldn't help in your situation because it's not possible to copy a BandHelper account.

I should add, for the record, that if you are setting up a BandHelper account for the first time and you want to redo the initial data import from Set List Maker, I can clear your account data so you can start again. But I realize that's different from what you both are asking for here.