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Tempo Start/Stop remote control

Started by Joe_K, September 04, 2014, 06:56:08 PM

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Hi Arlo,  new user here and this app is exactly what I was looking for, thank!  I'll have to show you the guitar rig I'm controlling with it some time.

I'm stuck on one issue.  I have a foot controller that can send CC or Notes (ON or OFF).  When I set Remote Control to "Tempo Start/Stop" using either CC #80 or one of the Note values, I can never get the Tempo function to persist.  I get one flash (beat) of tempo and then it stops immediately.  I've also tried setting the SLM controller option to Momentary and Latching.

I'm hoping that my foot controller isn't the one responsible for the problem because I don't have any more features in there.  It might be worth noting that this controller does not do momentary (can't hold a button down).  This is the controller in question:

I have a different controller in my rig (Fractal MFC-101) that I can use for testing if necessary, but it won't help me in a live performance because that controller is after SLM (SLM is actually the one controlling the foot controller and calling up programs).




First let's see if this is a MIDI problem at all. Does the tempo stay on when you start it from the button on the screen, without using any MIDI?


I have more info.  The problem is the SLM/iRig2 can get into a state where it can process every MIDI command it receives more than once.  Though the problem was with Tempo Start/Stop I failed to notice that Next/Prev Song was also skipping every other song.  Rebooted the iPod Touch 5 and everything was working great and I went on with programming (show tomorrow night I'm hoping to introduce this rig at).

But, I can also reproduce the problem.  I'm not being entirely methodical about it yet, but I even had the commands being processed 3 times (I can tell this because I have some lights on down-stream devices where I can clearly see how many times the commands are issued).  It seems to relate to turning off the screen for the iPod.  When I come back (after entering password), that's when things start to go south.  I'm looking for the quickest way to get it back on track, but so far I have to shut down the iPod and restart.  I've tried closing SLM, unplugging the iRid from the iPod, unplugging the MIDI connections.  I think that's actually where it got even worse and started sending 3 commands.  So far, restarting is the only sure fire way to get around the problem.

At the show, I set the iPod never to go dark, so it won't be a huge issue.  I just turn it off between sets.

Any insights into this?  Thanks.


I forgot to mention, when the screen goes dark and I come back to SLM, SLM is no longer processing MIDI input.  Not only that, iRig2 MIDI IN light isn't blinking either.  It's attempting to solve that issue where things start going wrong.  I thought perhaps toggling the MIDI icon in SLM would do something.  No Luck.  That's when I start unplugging and plugging stuff back in.  It'll start working after that, but with the multiplication of commands.


Okay, now that I'm going through my programming tasks I haven't run into that problem a great deal.  I found that if I recycle just the foot controller that is sending into the iRig, it seems to get me back on track.  I don't think this is necessarily a SLM problem, I suspect the iRig2 stops listening on its IN port.



Hi Joe, welcome to the forum!

Just to let you know that I am also using MIDI a lot and have not encountered your problem so far. We use an iODock that sends MIDI controllers to start/stop the metronome in SLM. My suspicion from your descriptions is that the iRig2, beeing a brand new interface, might be unstable. You could use a free app like MIDI Monitor to monitor the raw MIDI input on your iOS device or MIDI Ox on a PC, if you do not have another iOS MIDI interface.


Thank guys, everything is much more stable today.  Maybe because I was experimenting with what I could do I was tripping on something.


Quote from: arlo on September 04, 2014, 11:57:51 PM
Okay. BTW, when you're done you could post photos of your rig here:,5.0.html

Done!  Thanks for pointing that out and your help.