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Bypassing Eventide H9

Started by Joe_K, September 16, 2014, 11:05:21 AM

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There is something I'm just starting to figure out and I thought I'd share.  I stumbled upon a pretty cool little short cut.

I bought an Eventide H9.  In order to bypass the H9 via MIDI,  I needed to assign a CC# to that function within the H9.  Because I was just picking the first available CC, I chose #0.  I figured this was going to require MIDI Hex to be sent by SLM to perform the bypass, so I put SLM in learn mode and sent the command.  Instead of it capturing to the Hex field, it actually just placed value 127 in the MSB bank change field (and that was all).  It works fine.

Started thinking about why this happened and came to the conclusion that this is because CC# 0 is reserved for for bank changing, so SLM routed the value to that field.  Is that right?

Good news is, this is great for me and the H9 because the H9 only stores 99 presets.  I won't need to change banks so I can leave it this way and make programming bypasses easier.

Is there any way I might be heading for trouble doing it like this?


That's right, CC #0 is designated for the bank MSB:

Is there any way I might be heading for trouble doing it like this?

If the receiving device doesn't specify a CC message to use for this function, I think it would be better to check the MIDI message table for the closest approximation, or use an undefined message if none seem to match.

The only specific problem I can think of is that if you ever get a different device that implements the bank change function, you would have to go back and edit all your presets to remove those messages. You could avoid that by creating one preset called "Bypass" and attaching that preset to all the presets that need it. Then you can just edit or delete your one "Bypass" preset later if needed.