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iPad On Screen Keyboard issue

Started by coolcom, September 29, 2014, 07:12:38 AM

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Hi all,

Went to gig this Saturday and discovered that after the latest update (my bad for not checking before the gig), my iPad on screen keyboard is popping up when ever I select a Show and the first doc comes up (I use pdf docs). The minute the song list comes up (or the first song document), the iPad on screen keyboard comes up and will NOT go away. Even if I press the remove button (kybrd graphic with down arrow), it simply pops right up again.

I had to rig a "view" for the night so I could still see my whole doc on the remaining screen space.

I'm not sure if this was the result of an Apple operating system update or a Set List Maker update.

Anyone else have this happen? I checked all my settings and can't find where I might have mistakenly made this happen... plus I've neved had the iPad keyboard come up in this app before.

If I do happen to hook up my bluetooth external keyboard, yes, the on screen one goes away.


It sounds like you updated your device to iOS 8 but didn't update Set List Maker to the latest iOS 8 compatible version. You can install the latest Set List Maker version now. More info is here:,629.0.html


Thanks Arlo... that was it. Here I was thinking my apps were auto-updated whenever I backed up my iPad on my PC through iTunes. Lesson learned.  :-)

Really appreciating the program by the way. Thanks for the wonderful software.


I'm glad you like the app. You can set apps to auto-update, but I don't recommend it:,475.0.html

It's better to check the App Store app on your device when you see a number badge appear on its icon, and read the release notes for each new app version, then install.