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Backing Off - Set Lists, Databases etc

Started by GuyM, October 20, 2014, 05:56:50 AM

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Ok , may indeed have been answered before...apologies

EXPORT / IMPORT functions

Now back from Tour and I want to back up/off my Tour Database (Set Lists / Songs etc.)
I want to store all this data away in case I ever need to put them back into play one day (next tour?)

How can I export it selectively and then import it again later?

If I backup the whole iPad data,. then I can store it off but not selectively import again ?? (I.e. juist import the Tour DB etc)?

What dio I do?


Are you literally talking about archiving a separate database, or selected data within a database?


I have a seperate db with all my tour songs etc in it....


There's no way to archive and reload databases. Is there any problem with just leaving the database there? Maybe rename it with an X at the beginning of the name, so it appears at the bottom of the databases list? That shouldn't affect the functionality or performance of the app since only one database is ever loaded into memory at one time.


No can do that Arlo, but thought maybe a useful future function might be to

a) Import/Export DBs
b) Import contents...songs, midi presets etc

There may be occassions where there are several variances of a SHOW for example and where holding all in the app on display at one time may be confusing? I guess I coudl COPY these into a holding ARCHIVE DB but then you'd  also get variances

Anyhow just a thought


If the data you want to archive is a separate database from the data you want to keep, why is it a problem to leave the database loaded on your device? You would never see that data unless you opened that database; it would use no memory if it is not open; and it would use less storage than a single MP3 file.


No real 'problem' as such, I just hate clutter...and holding redundant DBs on display over time will annoy me I guess :)