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Tap on document to go to next song stopped working

Started by mvhbakker, October 26, 2014, 10:02:20 AM

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Before the new user interface, SLM could navigate to the next song when you tapped on the right hand side of a document (in full document mode). Now it seems only possible to swipe (right to left) to do the same. However, with my iPad on the left on top of my keyboard I have to swipe with my left hand. 1 out of 3 times that does not work: in the hurry between two songs my swipes seem to be inaccurate and the document scrolls up and down instead of moving to the next song.

Is it correct that I'm missing this feature, or have I overlooked a setting? If it is missing: please consider to return it!   ;D


Tapping the sides of a document now change to adjacent documents if you have multiple documents attached to a song.

In the upcoming version 4.1, I plan to add buttons that you can add to your layouts to change to the next or previous song.


Was just about to ask the exact same thing! Lol. I play guitar and sing and my experience is the same. In the heat of the moment I struggle to actually get to the next song in time while trying to swipe.

Looking forward to the inclusion of those buttons. Wil save me having to buy a foot controller for changing songs.


A workaround for me is to use split view but make the song list portion as small as possible then simply tap the next song on the list. I can't actually read the song names but it works for now.


Garethia makes a good point.

Lot of us solo artists need buttons or actions that are quick and easy to do with one finger (or a foot), and almost without looking. Our hands are tied up on a guitar (or other instrument), and we are looking at the audience. Just something to keep in mind for user interface ideas.


You can use foot switches to control a variety of functions, including changing songs.

For those who are using the screen interface and aren't comfortable swiping, I will also add optional buttons in the next version.


I hope, the next release will bring the Buttons to go to the next song or back. Please!
Swiping is not accurate enough.



Yes, this was added over a year ago and is available when you customize your layouts.