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Pre-sales Question: Ability to play Standard MIDI File Sequences

Started by jwave, November 01, 2014, 01:43:25 AM

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I am favorably impressed with what I have seen on the web site about SLM.  If it does this MIDI capabilities I seek, SLM could be a single solution for all my needs.

I play in multiple music groups, and intend to use SLM to manage my charts, sets, etc.  I have just begun a jazz piano single act, and intend to sequence the MIDI tracks for the bass and drum parts on the multitimbral channels of my stage piano with Logic Pro X, then export the MIDI tracks to SMF (Standard MIDI Files), and then play back the MIDI sequences to perform as a one-man piano jazz trio. 

If I understand correctly, it appears as though SLM can:

  • transmit MIDI commands, such as patch changes, control changes, trigger loops, etc.
  • play audio files, and possibly even jump from Intro, to Verse, to Chorus, back to Verse, etc., on command.

BUT I found nothing in the forums or on the web site that confirm that MIDI sequence playback is possible.

So, my questions are:

  • Can SLM play back a SMF MIDI sequence in real-time through my MIDI interface into my multitimbral stage piano?
  • If so, can SLM permit me to jump from Chorus back to Verse, etc., so that I can extend or shorten a song as I see fit, live during my performance?
  • If such jumps are possible, would SLM be able to jump back to parts of the document (music chart) that would relate to the jump points (Chorus, Verse, Bridge, etc.)?
  • ...and finally, is anybody else doing what I plan to do?

I prefer MIDI sequences over audio recordings because of efficiency and control.  I can easily edit MIDI files without having to bounce to mp3.  SMF are significantly smaller than MP3 files, provide higher audio fidelity (due to the sounds originating from the stage piano), and permit me to mix levels of individual tracks (using the stage piano's control surface) according to the needs of each room's acoustics and client's volume requirements.

Thank you for your time and attention,



Set List Maker cannot play MIDI sequences (SMF files). The standard way to do this is to load your MIDI sequences into another app that can play them and that can be controlled in the background by MIDI messages from Set List Maker. Some people use Sweet MIDI Player for this.

Set List Maker also cannot be programmed to jump to different parts of an audio file. However, it supports placing any kind of MIDI message into a MIDI preset, so if your MIDI sequencer app supported it, you could set up MIDI presets for different locations in a sequence and then use the buttons in Set List Maker to call those presets to jump to those locations. I imagine it would be difficult to make the jumps at exactly the right times to keep the tempo flowing consistently.


The ability to play MIDI is not a deal breaker, especially since Set List Maker can control apps that are compliant.

I found an app that should manage the MIDI playing.  I'm looking into its ability to be controlled by Set List Maker.

Thank you for your quick response.