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Presets quick list

Started by ptasynth, October 14, 2014, 12:22:37 AM

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I'm new to this app. It looks cool!

I might have missed this functionality if it is already there. But, I was wondering if it is possible to make a list of midi presets and give names to each preset (describing the relevant sound/voice of the preset). I would like to be able to open a list of presets and change the programmes on my synthesizer without having to first create a song/show. In other words, I just want a "remote control" for my synthesizer that I can use to store my favourite sounds and control my keyboard from a list of presets in Set List Maker. In theory I know one could just create one song with many presets in it, but I want to be able to give names to each preset. Does this make sense? Does anyone know how to do this?



Yes, in fact you have to enter a name when you create a MIDI preset. Then you could simply navigate to the MIDI Presets list and send presets directly from there by tapping the MIDI icon for each preset. But this option doesn't give you any options to change your screen layout. If you create a song for each preset and attach the presets to songs, you can then view all your songs in one of the Smart Lists and you'll have options to change the size of the song list or to tap the song title to select its preset.