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Eliminate the Sample Database?

Started by arlo, December 06, 2014, 03:10:33 PM

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Is the Sample Database helpful for new users?


When Set List Maker launches for the first time, it creates a Sample Database with a few generic songs and shows, so a first time user can browse around and get a feel for how the app works before they start entering data. However, this leads to a lot of syncing problems when someone tries syncing with an existing account by entering the sync name and password into the sample database instead of into a new, empty database.

I could disable syncing in the sample database, but many people enter all their own data into the sample database rather than creating their own, new database and in that case they would need to set up their syncing account from the sample database. I could make the sample database completely read-only, but then I would probably get 1-star reviews saying, "This app sucks, I can't add any songs."

Maybe the best solution is to eliminate the sample database and just have the app start up completely empty. What do you think, was it helpful to have some sample data when you first installed the app, or is it just as easy to figure out starting with a blank slate?


I used the sample database for my learning experience. Entered five songs, then renamed it with my own name and used it right up until I decided to upgrade to Bandhelper. Worked like a dream.

Would it be difficult to make the sample database an option? In other words, the new user is asked  the first time the app is opened whether a sample database is required.

I know I found it invaluable, but others might simply find the sample database annoying.
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I found the sample database very useful on begins. After some test I rename the database and rename the songs as well. I would say 1 song that includes all possibilities of inputs and links would be enough.