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Adding Video

Started by Ruckman65, November 22, 2014, 08:07:43 AM

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Hello Arlo. A couple of years back, I asked you if it was possible to add the facility to SLM to allow it to trigger a video linked to a particular song. You mentioned at the time that it should be quite doable and you would put it on your wish list. I understand you must have a pretty extensive wish list but adding videos to output in sync with a song would simplify my live performances no end.


I hope I was clear with my request. The video should be linked to a song in SLM, in the same way as a recording is now linked. Press a button, and the video outputs to whatever device you have connected via HDMI, composite or component out. 


I actually put this on my to do list for version 4.1, but then I decided to prioritize improvements to device linking and pushed the video back to 4.2, which I'm imagining for the first few months of next year.


Hi Ruckman65, have a look at this post: I use a pretty simple but powerful VJ app to do exactly what you want. It is remote controlled via MIDI by SLM. Though you would need a second iPad.

In my opinion, there is a danger of "feature creep" in SLM with the latest versions: Adding more and more features not only makes the user interface more difficult - e.g. the number of possible settings - but also makes the app more prone to bugs. Not to mention the doubled effort needed by the Android OS version. I personally would prefer a rock solid and easy to use app within its core competencies and interfaces only (MIDI or other as appropriate) to control other apps that do all the things people also want but are specialized for this.


Hello Arlo. That's great news! Is the intention to implement the feature in the same way as recordings or midi is now implemented in that you have the option of adding an icon to a track where appropriate? Would the video be shown onscreen or would it simply send the signal to an appropriate video out?
Christoph, thank you for the link to your setup. I had read that when you first posted it and certainly considered emulating it. But, with SLM, I have been able to simplify my setup. With the necessity of setting up a second IPad and running midi, suddenly, it becomes a little more complex and convoluted. I understand your concerns about 'feature creep' but, in the same way as you don't have to use the midi features of SLM if you don't want, neither would you need to bother about the video aspect of it. I know it spreads Arlo thin with his support but, on a personal level, adding a video option to SLM would be the icing on what is already a pretty delicious cake. 


My idea with video was to attach it like a document and show it in the same place that a document would appear, so it wouldn't require a lot of changes to the interface. You could set up a layout that includes the video at whatever size you want it. I think most of the people who have asked for this would also want the video (without the rest of the screen) sent out through the video port, and that might be the hard part. I haven't looked too deeply into it yet, but it would be an "icing on the cake" type of feature, as you say.

Feature creep is always a concern, but it's hard to say which is a core feature and which is an extra that doesn't belong in the app. If it was truly just a "set list maker," 90% of the current features wouldn't be there, but it's a much more useful app now than it was in version 1.0. There are only a few features I regret adding because they take work to maintain and nobody seems to use them. Of course, whenever I remove a feature I immediately hear from all the people who did use it!


Yes, understood. Such is the bane of a developers life! Having video attached to a song in the way you have described would be perfect. Even if there was some compromise required, as long as the video was fed out through the video port along with a recording or an audio file attached to the video, that would work wonders for me. As it is, SLM is the most useful app I have on my IPad. It has made setting up onstage so much easier. Adding video . . . well, how good would that be!!! Thanks for everything.


Set List Maker 4.2, with support for attaching videos to songs, was released today:

This particular feature requires an in-app purchase to activate:

You can also specify that only the video is sent to an external display or projector, with Settings > General Settings > External Display = Document.

Additional info about the new version is here:,1051.0.html