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iRig BlueBoard setup instructions

Started by arlo, February 06, 2014, 02:57:44 PM

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If I am reading the iRig BlueBoard manual correctly, it would seem that MIDI Mode 2 is HARD-CODED to only support MIDI CC's 20-23  :o. This is unfortunate since BandHelper doesn't appear to offer these CC's in the Remote Control assignment area.

I agree that I can use MIDI Mode 1 to use notes to trigger my desired actions, but it just seems odd that I am sending note commands that could conceivably get to my keyboard. Am I just being paranoid on this one?  ::)


That would only be a problem if you set up something that routes the note messages back out of the mobile device and onward to your keyboard. So the solution would be to not do that.  :)


In case it's of interest I have created a short video about using the Blueboard with iRig Pro and Amplitude. You can view it at: