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Show Song duration in Layout

Started by barneybassman, December 14, 2014, 08:23:17 AM

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I am desperately trying to add a button that's counting the song duration down.
Duration is shown, but not along song performane.
Any idea?


There's currently no way to count down the duration of a song. You can count down (actually count up from 0 to the end) the duration of a recording by adding the recording controls to your layout. I'm considering some other options for showing the recording and/or the song duration in your layout as part of the upcoming version 4.1 update.


In the upcoming app version 4.1, the recording button will have a countdown timer added on top of it when a recording is playing. If you like, you can edit your song layout to enlarge or reposition the button.

More info is here:,848.0.html