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Author Topic: Lead Sheet Template  (Read 12381 times)


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Lead Sheet Template
« on: December 30, 2014, 09:47:19 AM »
People sometimes ask about the format of the documents shown in my demos. I created my lead sheet template in Microsoft Word when I was teaching guitar classes; it includes lyrics and notes for solos, with the chords shown in a miniature chart format in the corner. I think it's important to show chords in a chart format rather than positioned above the lyrics because it's easier to see and learn the chord progression based on counting measures rather than matching chords up with particular words in the lyrics.

I'm attaching a template you can use to make similar lead sheets. I included two versions of the chords box. The first looks more like a traditional chart, but the second is more compact (I use one chord per measure, with a dash between chords to show split measures). You can delete the one you don't want, and you can drag the remaining box to reposition it.
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