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Set List Maker 4.1/1.2 and BandHelper 2.1/1.2 update info

Started by arlo, January 02, 2015, 08:04:54 PM

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Set List Maker 4.1 (iOS) and BandHelper 2.1 (iOS) are now in Apple's review queue and should be available for download some time next week. This update introduces some new features, but also changes some existing features; here's what you need to know to adjust to the changes:

- A double-tap instead of a single-tap is now used to toggle full-screen documents and lyrics. Many people were tapping documents without realizing what they had done, and getting stuck in the full-screen display without knowing how to exit. This change should make it harder to accidentally enter the full-screen view.

- Document zoom levels and lyrics font sizes are no longer automatically saved. Some people were accidentally pinch-zooming their document or lyrics when navigating between apps, and those unwanted changes were saved. Instead, you can now single-tap the center of a document or lyrics to toggle a document toolbar. This toolbar includes buttons to save the current zoom level or font size; to revert to the default size; to show the annotation toolbar; or to toggle the full-screen view. As a bonus, this new toolbar is available wherever a document is displayed, so you can now edit your document annotations from the show view.

- The keyboard button in the top toolbar now remains on indefinitely. Before iOS 8, Bluetooth or wired keyboard devices used for remote control connected to the app automatically. Starting with iOS 8, you had to enable these devices by tapping a new button in the top toolbar each time you entered the show view. Now, these devices will remain enabled if you leave and reenter the show view. The downside is that you will not be able to use the on-screen keyboard to enter text while the remote keyboard is connected; you must either turn it off, unpair it, or use the keyboard activation button that some devices like the AirTurn BT-105 have to invoke the on-screen keyboard. Speaking of the BT-105, the keyboard icon now looks like a BT-105 footswitch instead of a computer keyboard, and it now blinks when receiving input.

- In the show view, the song edit button is moved from the top toolbar to the bottom toolbar on tablets, and added to the bottom toolbar on phones. This is a nice shortcut for editing a song from the show view, but its previous location was confusing to some users.

- Renamed the Style field to Tags and made it multi-selectable. Many people wanted to select multiple styles for a song, so I changed that and then renamed it to Tags to be more clear about how it works.

- Renamed the Label field to Color. The Label term has been used in the Mac OS for many years, but this term was confusing to Android users, so now it is simply called Color.

And my favorite change is something that you might not notice at all, so I'll point it out here. In the show view, the app now remembers your last-selected layout for each of the two device orientations. So, you can select one layout while holding your device in landscape orientation and select a different layout while holding your device in portrait orientation, then the app will switch between those two layouts whenever you change orientations.

I haven't covered the big new features in this update, but you can read about those in the release notes:


Apple has approved Set List Maker 4.1 for iOS, and that should be available for download within a few hours. BandHelper 2.1 for iOS is still in the review queue.

Meanwhile, I've just released Set List Maker 1.2 and BandHelper 1.2 for Android. These versions add device linking and automation tracks, plus the changes listed above for the iOS versions. The Android versions should also be available for download within a few hours.


Hi Arlo, currently the tags do not work within the songs. So I can't add a song to a Disco tag for example. I'm running it on IOS everything updated.


Quote from: Daniel on January 15, 2015, 03:47:02 AM
Hi Arlo, currently the tags do not work within the songs. So I can't add a song to a Disco tag for example.

Please send a message from Help > Request Tech Support inside the app and answer the questions there.


I just submitted Set List Maker 4.1.1 for iOS:

This fixes a crash on the Share page for users who were previously showing styles on their set lists, and fixes the new document toolbar buttons that were missing on iOS 5. If you have not installed version 4.1 for iOS yet, and you fit one of these descriptions, you should wait until 4.1.1 is available.

I can't update BandHelper until Apple approves version 2.1, but as soon as they do, I'll submit the same fixes for BandHelper. In the meantime, you can work around the sharing problem by turning off the Tags field on the Share page of the web interface, or just share your set lists from the web interface.

Neither of these issues affects the Android version. So far, I'm only aware of one obscure bug in the latest Android versions, which I'll work on next week along with anything else that comes up over the weekend.



Apple just approved Set List Maker 4.1.1 for iOS and BandHelper 2.1.1 for iOS, and both should be available for download shortly.