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Recording Woes Stereo Seperation

Started by Garethla, January 10, 2015, 02:10:00 PM

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Hi Folks.

So i have recorded a few backing tracks with Click on the left and backing on the right but i am getting click crosstalk on the right channel.  This isn't a SetlistMaker issue but more of a hardware issue.

Has anyone encountered this? I have used the headphone out as well as a sonic port VX and cannot avoid the bleed.

Anyone found a mobile interface that solves this?  I am using an iPad Air



Have you tried playing the recording from the iPad's built-in Music app, to see if the problem occurs there, and tried playing it from a computer to see if the problem occurs there?


Does your stereo track have reverb? If so, that could be the problem.



It occurs on my laptop and in the music app. Its definately a hardware issue. I have removed all busses and effects in Logic Pro and also can see when analyzing the track that the right channel is perfectly clean. I guess the $2 headphone components in laptops are just not up to scratch. neither are iphone A/D converters. I was told the apogee duo has clean discrete channels but they are pricey!

Get what you pay for!


That's very odd.

I create all of my own backing tracks in Pro Tools and have never had an issue with separation...even on my Flintstones-era iPhone 3GS, which must have terrible converters.


really? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..........

Would would mind when you get a chance, create a short track with a click on the left and with the right completely empty? Would HUGELY appreciate it and allow me to trouble shoot some more? (cheeky i know :) but if you don't ask...........!! :)

I have created this in Reaper & Logic but both suffer from crosstalk on my iPhone 5s, iPad Air (first gen) and Macbook Air headphone jacks as well as the Line 6 Sonic Port VX.

I have attached a sample of what i have been using. let me know if you experience the same anomaly?


Your file has both click and music on the left channel, but nothing on the right.

Here's a stereo file with only click on the left.


Thanks for the reply.

Yes it confirms it.. on my Macbook & iPhone  your click is bleeding to the right channel, same as mine..... must be hardware?

what are you listening to the files through?


Quote from: Garethla on January 12, 2015, 10:59:44 AM
Yes it confirms it.. on my Macbook & iPhone  your click is bleeding to the right channel, same as mine..... must be hardware?

This doesn't match my experience. Pongo's file plays cleanly for me on a mid-2014 Retina MacBook Pro and Apple earbuds, but I hear the bleed in Garethla's file. When I open Garethla's file in Quattro Pro (audio waveform editor) and zoom vertically, I can see that the audio has bled over to the right channel. So it looks to me like the problem is in the file, not the hardware.

The suggestion about reverb is worth looking into, because what I'm hearing is not the full audio bleeding over but just a little bit of high end, as would happen if you'd applied a small amount of stereo reverb.


I see whats happened here... Yes when i pull up my audio file in audacity and blow up the right channel i do see a couple of blips, those are some strange artefacts and I can here them over and above the click bleed, not sure what happened there, must have happened during the bounce.

I cleaned it up (attached)...... I am using Shure SE425 ...... turn the macbook volume up full and put only the right earbud in.. the click is there, clear as day. same with bongo's file. (i also attached a screenshot, you will see the Right meter doesn't read any signal so the file is definitely clean)

Wanna head into the music store and try some of the focusrite gear to see if that helps.


I'd try some different headphones first, to eliminate that piece.



It's hard to believe that it's a hardware issue since it happens on multiple devices. The common denominator seems to be the headphones.


Have used shure, Bose, AKG 550 and most importantly the PA and at Gig volumes its unforgivable noticeable.


Have you tried this since confirming that you have a clean file, or with Pongo's file?

Just trying to save you some money if the problem is not with your audio interfaces, which seems like the least likely element to have a problem.


Yeah I appreciatte the help! :-) I have just left the studio after trying my new clean file and pongos file.

Have you tried it on an iOS device with volume on full? I'd be very surprised if it was just limited to my iPhone and iPad and Mac.

I will report back once I have tried a few audio interfaces.