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Recording Woes Stereo Seperation

Started by Garethla, January 10, 2015, 02:10:00 PM

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I just tried Pongo's file with an iPhone 6 at full volume and Apple earbuds, and I didn't hear any bleed.


Hey Guys, quick update, I finally got a Focusrite Scarlet 6i6  and tested the files,, no crosstalk, thankfully!!! so its definitely hardware specific, so my iPhone 5s, iPad Air (1st Gen) and Sonicport VX all had crosstalk. Scarlet 6i6 no crosstalk


That's still hard to believe, that all three devices have the same issues.

Did you use the same cables/connectors for these devices?

Weird :o


Not so hard to believe. The apple devices more that likely both use the same cheap audio chip and headphone jacks. The sonic port is pretty low budget as well. I did thorough testing, multiple headphones, three separate 8th" to stereo RCA and with the sonic port I used balanced 1/4" to monitors. They are powered studio monitors so to test I just turn one of the monitors off.

Anyway problem solved with the 6i6


Hmm...I like Apple even less now. Even more so than I did when I learned that updating to iOS 8 on our iPhone 4S has basically killed the battery and wifi. Our Apple `smart' phone wasn't smart enough to know that iOS 8 was not recommended for the 4S...even though Apple had no problem in PROMPTING me to install the update when this device was connected to iTunes, but...I digress.

Anyway, congrats on solving the problem.


I wouldn't blame apple, those audio chips are designed to be pro level. For what they do they do pretty well. I'd imagine most mobile devices will suffer from the same issues.