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beta testers wanted

Started by arlo, January 13, 2015, 04:06:14 PM

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I'm working on a new app to build stage plots. This functionality will be included for free in BandHelper, and will be available as a standalone app for people who don't use BandHelper. If you'd like to beta test the standalone app before its release, please email me at setlistmaker at arlomedia dot com.


Does "Stage Plot" mean a technical rider - the information a band gives to event hosts and FOH engineers to let them know stage layout and technical specs for the upcoming show? If yes, then you are a genius, Arlo! This is exactly what we need. And of course I want to be one of the beta testers! :-)


It probably doesn't replace your whole technical rider -- it is just one page showing the equipment you need and where it should be placed on stage. I'll post an example soon.


Here's a screen shot of the app after creating a simple stage plot.


Arlo, if you are still looking for beta testers I'd be happy to help. I'm now in IT, but I used to work as a stage tech in a small community theatre (987 seats) back in the 90's.. Before all this great technology was available! =)