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Midi commands to LoopyHD

Started by wrpooley, February 05, 2015, 05:01:51 PM

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The beat clock functionality has not intentionally changed. A couple people have reported that the tempos are playing slower than they're supposed to when using the beat clock, but I haven't had a chance to check that yet. It doesn't sound like that's related to what you're experiencing.


I think I have noticed that also but I think my problems are more complicated.  In the meantime I have tried substituting LP-5 for Loopy to see if that clears things up.  Interestingly, SLM also indicates it's getting clock from an external source from that app as well and, like Loopy, you have to establish that connection manually.  In any case, when sending clock from SLM, if I observe the tempo in LP-5 it varies up and down by as much as 5-10 BPM and behaves erratically.  In contrast if I send clock from Loopy to LP-5 it behaves much better.  That is the tempo stays fixed and locks consistently.  Perhaps there is something affecting the clock output from SLM?

I figure this kind of thing is maddening to track down so kudos to you for being willing to participate in this dialog.


I haven't heard of large variations like that, but when I work on the next update I'll check it.

Meanwhile, I think you would want to turn off the MIDI beat clock from these other apps if you want to use the tempo from Set List Maker -- otherwise that would be a huge amount of unnecessary MIDI data flying around.


I just submitted an update that should the MIDI beat clock output from Set List Maker:

I think that the bpm value displayed in another app might still jump around a bit, but the actual tempo messages should be correct. This was accidentally changed a few versions ago, and should be back the way it was before.