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Word Docs "broken" in 4.1.2

Started by surgesound, February 19, 2015, 12:27:41 PM

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Just updated from 4.1.1, and now all Word documents are AUTOMATICALLY inverted (they display VERY BRIEFLY, then disappear into black) when selecting a song. Changing invert setting has no effect.


Yes, this is a problem that I'll fix in the next update. It only affects Word, RTF and text files, only on iOS 8, and only in the dark color theme, so you can change Settings > Appearance > Color Theme to Light for a temporary workaround.


I've submitted version 4.1.3 with a fix for this. Apple's review times have been about a week lately. Other changes in this version are listed here:


Version 4.1.3 with this fix is available for download now.