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Anyone but me in need for a COUNT IN ?

Started by Tinto Verano, March 01, 2015, 04:25:14 PM

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Tinto Verano

I'd like to have the option to add a female COUNT IN VOICE (ONE---TWO---ONE-TWO-THREE-FOUR) to your tempo/click track.

We play completely with Inear-Monitoring so that all band members can hear the click track that is started manually by the drummer via the tempo button in Setlistmaker.

If I had an additional COUNT IN button that plays back the COUNT IN VOICE in the same tempo that I set up for the tempo button, it would improve starting songs, and I could use automation tracks to give hints while playing more difficult songs where the singer always misses his part after long solo parts.

Technically spoken this COUNT IN should be the same as TEMPO, but you don't chose a sound like cowbell, clave or woodblock, just female voice (or male voice). The COUNT IN button could have a symbol like a female face or mouth or a conductors baton that is used to give musicians hints to bring them in at the right time.


I'll add this to my wish list, but I'm afraid the cost/benefit ratio would not be very good. On the cost side is recording high quality voices for each of Set List Maker's 11 languages, with male and female options, and maybe other variations? On the benefit side is a marginal improvement over the available alternative of simple click sounds.

You could record your own custom audio cues with your preferred voice and attach them to your songs, but of course you'd have to record one for each tempo you use.


Thomas, is it an option that your drummer counts in? We also use In-Ear and our drummer starts the metronome und gives the usual cross-stick four when everybody is ready. Arlo, you maybe could add just the count-in option and let users choose a separate sound from the existing ones for it.

Tinto Verano


I think we just need FOUR samples in ONE language for this, just:

And a button with a "mouth with perfectly shaped red lips" icon. Maybe we don't need the voice samples but just the mouth icon? No, just kidding.

It's true that there are still people out there that don't speak English, but EVERYBODY in this world can count till four in english. Name a musician who has never heard ONE TWO THREE FOUR in his life? And if there is someone out there, he probably will never use Setlistmaker, I guess.

Actually it doesn't matter if it's a male or female voice, so four samples are enough. And for people who play 6/8 or 12/7 patterns, they don't need a COUNT IN but a shrink.

I am the drummer, and I ask this because ich bin mit der Gesamtsituation nicht zufrieden.
We have our own monitoring system and each musician mixes his Inear-Monitoring sound himself, means we usually don't get any returns from the FOH. As we have only 16 inputs (behringer p16-m), I feed our monitor sound just with the bass drum and a condenser mic for the live sound of the whole drum set. Everything fine, but the volume of my sticks and hi hat is too low because these bastards don't wanna hear me play and keep the volume of the drum set at a very low level. They have my bass drum at a reasonable level but the rest in the background.

I made some stereo click tracks with cubase for songs who need this, for example "Hell's bells":  the left channel is just the bell and goes out to the audience, the right channel is just for our Inear-Monitoring and contains additional information like the click, a full drum pattern until the drums set in and a COUNT IN for the guitarist. This is great. The people ask how the band can keep the tempo to be on time with the bell.

So a COUNT IN that is inaudible for the audience is COOL. The guitarists can scrutinize the blonde bombshell in the first row and needn't turn their heads to the hunchback behind the drum set to get a silly count in information. Keep your eye on the important things in life.

So I thought there might be others who