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Started by chuckpuckett, March 05, 2015, 10:34:05 AM

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Okay, I can set font color, bold, etc
I can make chords a different color
How do I make font BIGGER?
I want it as big as possible so that tired eyes can always see. There's no provision in Settings/Appearance for font size.
I have a suspicion

And this may come under new feature heading, but I'd really like the chords to be smaller font, so their lines don't take up as much space, thus concentrating on the lyrics. I realize that entails more complex computation to properly align small chord symbols with the appropriate lyric, but then computation is what computers do best, eh?
Chuck Puckett
"I don't want to steal the show... I only want to borrow it for a while"


Please see "How can I resize my lyrics?" in the FAQ:

You cannot have the chords at one size and the lyrics at another size if you intermingle the chords with the lyrics. If you want more control over this, you can put the chords in the Chords field and the lyrics in the Lyrics field and then you can resize them separately. If you do that, I recommend using a simple "chord chart" format, which makes it easy to see the chord structure of the song, which you don't get with the "chords above the lyrics" approach. (see attached)