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Individual user passwords

Started by arlo, March 16, 2015, 03:35:42 PM

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Is the current password setup beneficial?

Yes, it's easier to deal with when my bandmates forget their passwords.
1 (50%)
No, I'd prefer a normal username/password setup.
1 (50%)

Total Members Voted: 2


Currently, each BandHelper account just has two passwords -- one shared by all administrators, and another shared by all users who are not administrators. The reason for this setup is to reduce the times that your bandmates can't log in because they've forgotten their passwords. They can just ask someone else in the band for a reminder.

However, this has been confusing for some people. Has this setup saved you any effort, or should I just change to a more typical setup where every user has his or her own password?


I strongly propose to change this to individual passwords. Simply because the whole concept of different permission levels does not make sense if everybody uses the same password. The current setup has saved me effort only insofar that I could easily log in as any user to reset documents that had been marked as private before and therefore were not synced to other users anymore ;-) In case of forgotten passwords there could be either a reminder mail or the Admin could have the right to set new ones.


The next update will change to a more typical system of individual user passwords. Administrators can change any user's password from the Account > Users page, and non-administrators will be able to change their own passwords from the Account > User page. The login page of the web interface will also include a link to a password reset function.

Because someone might belong to more than one band and be registered with more than one account, the password reset function requires that you enter your account name and username. If you don't know these, you can ask a bandmate (who will know the account name and can also see your username in various parts of BandHelper). If you have a solo account, you can look for the "Your BandHelper Registration" message you received when you registered. Or you can ask me to look it up for you.