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Help with Midi networks.

Started by GDufrene, March 09, 2015, 12:47:38 PM

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I am running 2 keyboards midi with my iPad + Setlist Maker. Using the iRig Midi from the iPad into the first keyboard's (Yamaha Motif 6 midi in. Then from that keyboard's midi out to a 2nd keyboard rack Module (Korg TR-Rack, being run by an Akai MPK 49).
1. Not sure where to plug the midi cable that's coming from the 1st Keyboard (since the "In" port for the rack unit is being used by the Akai MPK 49).

What is the best way to patch all this together so I can use Setlist Maker to switch the sounds on both my keyboards at the same time? (I.e. I want a separate keyboard patch for each song).


Hi you,

as much as I know about the AKAI mpk 49, you can plug a MIDI IN into the USB port and it's going to be merged with the MIDI OUT halfmoon. The only thing that I don't know is whether the iRig provides USB. But maybe just another MIDI interface - and your problem is solved.

Have fun. Cheers, Frank


Two options:

Either daisy chain iRig MIDI-Out -> MPK MIDI In, MPK MIDI Out -> TR MIDI In, TR MIDI Thru -> Motif MIDI In. This will only work if the MPK forwards MIDI traffic from the In to the Out (MIDI Thru), I am not sure about this. And the MIDI messages from the MPK would also arrive at the Motif, you would have to make sure that you use separate MIDI channels for both sound generators (TR and Motif).

The other possibility is to include a small hardware MIDI Merger, that is a device that combines two MIDI Ins into a single MIDI Out. You can use this to merge the traffic from the Motif MIDI Thru with the MPK MIDI Out before going into the TR MIDI In.