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Song Lyrics Window loses focus when adding font color or italics

Started by chuckpuckett, March 10, 2015, 01:08:29 PM

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On my iPad, my bandmates have asked me to change lyrics color where background vox is supposed to be sung. Also, to add notes in italics (like, "Repeat chorus, then add alt. ending:")

When I select lyrics and then change their color, or make them italicized, the lyrics window loses focus, and I have to click in Chords window, or just keep clicking around, until finally I can get the Lyrics window to respond. And it may take several such attempts before I get back to editing in the Lyrics window. Frustrating.

On a related note: I have a bluetooth keyboard for my iPad, which makes editing much easier. The Keyboard has Cut/Copy/Paste buttons (and also responds to Ctrl-X, Ctrl-C & Ctrl-V).  If I use the keyboard Copy or Paste funtionality in the lyrics window, although it doesn't lose focus, it does move the focus up to the top of the window, and I have to scroll down to where I was editing. I realize this malbehavior is tied to using the bluetooth keyboard, but using Shift+ (or Ctrl+) Arrow keys to select text, then Ctrl+C & Ctrl+V to move it around is MUCH preferable to dragging iPad select handles around. So perhaps it would be a nice improvement for those who use such devices if SLM didn't exhibit the pathology.

But the main problem here is the lost focus when applying color or italics. That happens whether I select using iPad handles or Arrow keys.
Chuck Puckett
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Can you explain what you mean by "loses focus"? What actual behavior are you seeing?