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Separate Outputs not working

Started by SharkDriver, July 02, 2014, 04:22:36 AM

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I am trying now to use a Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 audio interface.
I need to play two sperarate stereo backing tracks at once, which should be possible with Setlistmaker.
But, I can not select the separate outs of the Scarlett. Only shows "Scarlett 6i6 USB" as the only selectable option.

I don't have an audio interface with more than one port, so I can look into this, but I will have to do some guessing to find the problem.

Meanwhile, you should still be able to use the headphone jack as a second stereo output.

As an alternative way: Is it possible to control Auria or Cubasis by midi from Setlistmaker? if so, how?



Thank you! Since I prefere not using midi, I would highly appreciate working with separate Outputs on the Scarlett. Let me know if I can be of any help.

And, maybe, you can add multitrack playback in any way? This would be a cool feat. At the moment, we are limited to 4 tracks by using two simultanusly played stereo tracks. As it turns out, I need at last 6 mono tracks: Keytracks stereo, backing vox stereo, second guitar mono, and click track mono. It's easy to imagine situations, where more is needed...


I think it would be better to use a separate app for multitrack audio playback. There are lots of options that are far more mature than anything I would be able to build into the app in a reasonable time frame.


Well, I understand.

So I will use the 2 available stereo outs for now.

Maybe you can add the possibility to play a third audio file simultanously and give us the ability to select the first two stere outs of a multiout audio interface in addition to the headphone out of the iOS device in a future version of Setlistmaker.

Thank you :)


I added the ability to play two recordings simultaneously because many users requested the ability to send a click track to one port and a stereo backing track to another port. What would be the purpose of playing three recordings simultaneously?


I suggest the OP just use 4 mono tracks. ;D

Keys- output 1L
Vox- output 1R

Guitar- output 2L
Click- output 2R

Problem solved and the audience probably won't even know the keys and vox are summed to mono.